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Slipcovers for Sofas

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Slipcovers are protective cloth covers that are made out of fabric and serve many purposes. One of the main reasons to purchase slipcovers for sofas is to maintain the original upholstery for longer. Slipcovers for couches are usually fitted by the length, height and width of the sofa and are easily installed and removed for cleaning, storage or changing.

In some cases, and much more often in recent years, slipcovers for sofas can be used to change the entire color scheme of a room without the exorbitant expense of reupholstering the furniture. In a matter of minutes, a colonial classic room can become an art deco masterpiece, just by changing the slipcovers on the furniture.

When some people think of slipcovers for couches, they recall the clear plastic zip on covers their grandma used to keep dust out of the upholstery. Today’s slipcovers are made of hundreds of different styles of cloth, with a rainbow of colors and accents intended to compliment any room design. Slipcovers can even be found in popular upholstery choices such as suede, brocade and damask.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Slipcovers

The advantages of slipcovers are endless; they save furniture from stains (especially sweat stains in the summertime), they can be purchased in any number of colors to match new or existing decor and they can easily be removed, machine washed and dried to keep them fresh.

The disadvantages of slipcovers for sofas are usually directly related to the cost of the slipcovers. The less expensive the cover, the more difficult it is to fit it to the exact size of the sofa. Slipcovers that can be purchased for a few dollars resemble inexpensive bed linens and must be tucked into the cushions whenever anyone stands up from the couch. Spending a few more dollars, in this case, can often make the difference between a stunning furniture ensemble and a secondhand grouping of poorly upholstered furniture.

There are several locations online which carry slipcovers, including popular sites like and Bed, Bath and Beyond. Prices for slipcovers generally range anywhere from $20 to upwards of $150, depending on the fabric and the fit of the slipcovers.

Suede Material Composition

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Today, suede is an omnipresent material, featured on a wide range of apparel and furniture. The term comes from the French Suède, which simply means ‘Sweden’, and originated from the types of imports into the country. In particular, gants de Suède, which means gloves of Sweden, were the most common form of luxury for many decades. Originally used for winter apparel, including gloves and jackets, today suede is used for that and more.  It is used to upholster furniture and can even be found as a liner on a number of accessory products or as a liner for other leather products.  As common as the fabric is today however, few people are aware of its exact composition.

The material itself is a finished type of leather which is composed of the under sides of animal skins.  It is primarily made from lamb but, other animals such as pig, calf, deer and goat are commonly used as well since the process requires a durable hide to get the texture that is associated with the material.

Frequently there are alternative fabrics produced and made available for non-animal product consumers.  They oftentimes have a napped finish as well, as to resemble suede as closely as possible.  In addition to having a similar textural feel and look as suede, this material also is more durable and has a higher level of resistance to stains and liquids.  Examples of these are sueded silk, alcantara and microsuede.

Leather couches are widely available as well.  The texture of something made out of leather is different from something made from suede.  Leather has more of a smooth feel to it while suede has a soft material feel to it.  The word leather means skin products that have been fully tanned.  The process of being tanned changes the animal skins into a long-lasting and versatile material for many different uses, just like suede.  These uses are similar to suede’s since leather is also used for furniture, apparel and accessories.  Leather is a bit more rugged than suede, however.  People like cowboys and bikers use chaps and heavy leather jackets to protect themselves against certain injuries.