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Cheap Couches

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Finding a cheap couch is often a goal of home owners, apartment renters and young adults just starting out on their own. Unfortunately, with the maze of furniture stores, outlets and manufacturers both online and in town, it can be difficult to choose a cheap couch that is serviceable and does not look like it was dragged out of the alley dumpster.

Where to Buy Cheap Couches

Online is a good place to start when looking for cheap couches, there are often online coupons for physical stores and online ads for second-hand furniture. Listings, such as Craigslist, can be a usable resource when looking for any kind of used furniture. It is important to go and physically examine the couch in the ad for serious fabric tears and overall condition prior to agreeing on a price. Additionally, estate sales often provide an excellent opportunity to purchase a higher end sofa without the higher end price.

Second-hand or thrift stores are also a place to price furniture. People donate home goods to thrift stores and the store generally puts the items on sale for much less than they can be found new. Even suede couches can be found, with a little time and effort on the part of the shopper. Any opportunity to purchase a used fabric couch at a screaming sale price should not be overlooked. Simple decorating choices, such as slipcovers, can make a pink or blue sofa match a more neutral décor. Slipcovers, which are also available in fabrics that make any sofa look new, can be purchased for a few dollars at a home goods store.

Suede couches are a bit harder to locate for a cheap price; however, cheap couches, even in suede, can be found online at any auction or sale site. A cheap sofa does not have to look cheap and even a couch that was purchased for less than a hundred dollars can be made over to look like a million bucks. Going with a cheap couch also provides the option for saving up money for a later purchase of a higher end furniture arrangement.

Sofa Beds

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Sofa beds are an interesting piece of furniture that can often satisfy two needs at the same time. While providing comfortable couch seating in a living or spare room of a home, they conceal a fold out metal frame and mattress underneath the cushions that can provide instant sleeping accommodations for guests. The mattresses on what are commonly called a pull out couch, or sleeper sofa, are generally thin and only marginally comfortable. Many purchasers of sofa beds modify the comfort level by replacing the traditional thin mattress with a thicker futon mattress.

Though a pull out couch is traditionally thought of as only available in a three cushion couch, a sofa bed can range from a cot or twin sized sleeper to a large queen sleeper. If a sofa bed mattress is aged, it can be replaced with modern materials such as memory foam, urethane foam, natural latex, coil and air over coil. The most popular replacement mattress for a sleeper sofa is currently the memory foam mattress which is a vast improvement over traditional down or foam mattresses.

The advantage to purchasing a sofa bed for the home is the convenience of having a comfortable place to sit, along with a reasonably comfortable place for guests to sleep if there is no spare bedroom available. One of the major disadvantages to a pull out couch is the weight. With the extra frame that sits inside the body of the sofa, along with the mechanisms for it to fold away and unfold, can add up to an extra 100 pounds to the piece.

A good quality sofa, with a pull out bed, can be purchased for a reasonable price at most home stores, along with any online store that carries standard sofas. Just as with any other sofa, including straight and sectional sofas, sleeper sofas can be purchased in most any type of material. Some of the most comfortable sleepers are available in faux suede, or real suede, for a few hundred dollars. Generally, the price range of sleeper sofas run between $200 dollars and several hundred dollars. Pricing depends on the size of the sofa itself, the type of material used for upholstery and the material the sleeper mattress is made from.

Sectional Couches

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Sectional couches are a type of sofa that comes as a complete set to include the large three cushion section that is usually found in a traditional straight sofa, the two cushion section that is usually found in a separate loveseat and an ottoman for a footstool. Some sectional couches come in smaller versions that resemble a loveseat and recliner put together, while others can be up to 200 feet long on the longest side.

Use of Sectionals in Design

Sectionals are a good design choice if the person decorating the room is looking to utilize a lot of seating in a small space. They are also fashionable for higher end homes in the living or family room. Sectionals allow a number of people to sit together, without overcrowding each other. This can allow for more intimate family gatherings that include games and conversation, without everyone sitting on separate furniture pieces across the room from each other.

Sectionals come in an endless variety of colors, textures and fabrics to enhance the design of any room. Suede sectional couches are a good option for those looking for a higher end look, without the high price of leather. Price ranges for sectionals vary from store to store, and even from region to region, with pricing between a meager $350.00 to thousands of dollars for a high grade large leather sectional. Composition of pieces will also affect price, depending on whether there is a pull out sleeper or recliner built into the sectional. Accent pieces can also affect the final price, coordinating throw pillows and multiple ottomans can be added to change the available seating arrangement for the sectional.

Sectional sofas are a versatile design piece for any room, from studio apartment to luxury homes boasting thousands of square feet. Many furniture manufacturers, for an extra cost, are also willing to cover the couch in the fabric of the designer’s choice. Fabric choices should be discussed to allow for ambient temperature of the home and regional location. Fine grade leather would not be the optimum choice for a home with small pets or children, for instance. In this case suede sectional couches, faux suede or even traditional cloth would be a more realistic and lasting option.

One of the few disadvantages of sectional couches can be placement. A sectional sofa purchase should be planned out to accommodate the available space in the room and the intended location of the couch. While most people place the long side of the couch against a blank wall, it can also be placed out into the room to section off a sitting area from the rest of the room. With sectionals available in almost every shape, size, fabric choice and color, there should be one to fit almost any room of a home.

Couch Styles for Home Offices

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Whether you have a large corporate office situated in a metropolitan high rise or just a small business home office in Middle America, it’s important to select the right couch to accent your work space. The waiting and meeting rooms you present to guests greatly affect the image you convey to your clients; making an investment in high-quality furniture will certainly help start your meetings off on the right foot.


The standard sofa which seats two or more people, the settee, can either come as a sectional piece of furniture (often L-shaped connectors) or as a single unit. Differentiated from a love seat (which seats one or two), the settee works well in informal meeting rooms and offices.  These types of sofas tend to have a classic and elegant look.


Inspired by Persian design, the Divan is a long, narrow couch which is common in many European social lounges. They appear very contemporary.  While the style itself dates back to the 19th century, a Divan conveys a modern sensibility that makes for a professional appearance.