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Cheap Couches

Finding a cheap couch is often a goal of home owners, apartment renters and young adults just starting out on their own. Unfortunately, with the maze of furniture stores, outlets and manufacturers both online and in town, it can be difficult to choose a cheap couch that is serviceable and does not look like it was dragged out of the alley dumpster.

Where to Buy Cheap Couches

Online is a good place to start when looking for cheap couches, there are often online coupons for physical stores and online ads for second-hand furniture. Listings, such as Craigslist, can be a usable resource when looking for any kind of used furniture. It is important to go and physically examine the couch in the ad for serious fabric tears and overall condition prior to agreeing on a price. Additionally, estate sales often provide an excellent opportunity to purchase a higher end sofa without the higher end price.

Second-hand or thrift stores are also a place to price furniture. People donate home goods to thrift stores and the store generally puts the items on sale for much less than they can be found new. Even suede couches can be found, with a little time and effort on the part of the shopper. Any opportunity to purchase a used fabric couch at a screaming sale price should not be overlooked. Simple decorating choices, such as slipcovers, can make a pink or blue sofa match a more neutral décor. Slipcovers, which are also available in fabrics that make any sofa look new, can be purchased for a few dollars at a home goods store.

Suede couches are a bit harder to locate for a cheap price; however, cheap couches, even in suede, can be found online at any auction or sale site. A cheap sofa does not have to look cheap and even a couch that was purchased for less than a hundred dollars can be made over to look like a million bucks. Going with a cheap couch also provides the option for saving up money for a later purchase of a higher end furniture arrangement.

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