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Couch Styles for Home Offices

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Whether you have a large corporate office situated in a metropolitan high rise or just a small business home office in Middle America, it’s important to select the right couch to accent your work space. The waiting and meeting rooms you present to guests greatly affect the image you convey to your clients; making an investment in high-quality furniture will certainly help start your meetings off on the right foot.


The standard sofa which seats two or more people, the settee, can either come as a sectional piece of furniture (often L-shaped connectors) or as a single unit. Differentiated from a love seat (which seats one or two), the settee works well in informal meeting rooms and offices.  These types of sofas tend to have a classic and elegant look.


Inspired by Persian design, the Divan is a long, narrow couch which is common in many European social lounges. They appear very contemporary.  While the style itself dates back to the 19th century, a Divan conveys a modern sensibility that makes for a professional appearance.