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Selecting the Perfect Leather Couch

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Suede is simply a textured form of leather, so when purchasing a suede couch it’s important to understand the ramifications of the material. In contrast to corrected leather, which has been dyed to be uniform in color, suede is much more subtle and lends well to natural and earthy rooms. As a result, suede couches offer the best of both worlds: the quality and comfort of leather with a fully natural look.

On the other hand, pull leather is generally the type of material you find in luxury cars and shiny couches; as a result, this type of leather can easily be damaged by scratches and its look can crack over time. Suede, by contrast, tends to hold up well if properly protected and can even out-last more expensive forms of leather.

Traditional leather sofas can range widely in price, depending on the type of leather hide used in the process. You can even save by purchasing match material, which is actually a synthetic vinyl, although it lacks many of the amenities from genuine leather. Microfiber couches are another solid alternative to genuine leather for the budget conscious and can make great, comfortable additions to any room. Always try out a couch before you make an investment, as the material and style can make a world of difference.